Learn Italian in Italy


Why is it important to study the Italian language in Italy, in order to learn how to communicate in Italian? There are good reasons to learn Italian in Italy (especially in Bologna and Arezzo, Tuscany) rather than in your own country:

1) People: you can learn Italian faster if you are immersed in the local social life and speak with “real” Italians.
However, there may be a problem: Italy is beautiful, but there are many English speaking tourists, so it is difficult to learn Italian. For this reason, Bologna (in Emilia Romagna region) and Arezzo (in Tuscany) are perfect places to study Italian language, because they are away from mass tourism.
Cultura Italiana offers group and individual courses that allow students to learn about the Italian way of living by meeting Italian people.

2) Art and culture: in the Italian language courses in Bologna and Arezzo you start to communicate in Italian from the first lesson. So, you can learn the Italian language in Italy even if you are a beginner.
What better way to learn the Italian “dolce vita” than to learn Italian in Italy? After the daily lessons extracurricular activities are provided in order to become familiar with history, art, tradition, fashion and other fields of the Italian life. For instance our school organizes interesting programs like classical singers, Italian art history, Jewellery, and cooking courses.

3) Food and wine are important elements of Italian culture, as are art, architecture, design, fashion and the beauty of the landscape. Bologna’s cooking is the most famous in the world. Here you find high quality combined with sober style. There are few foreign tourists in Bologna, restaurants are for Italians. Unlike the low and medium quality restaurants, the high quality restaurants in Bologna are less expensive than in other Italian cities. Bologna is a rich city and, according to the statistics, the majority of Italians would like to live here. Bologna is deeply elegant, but its beauty has not been displayed to the tourists. Bologna has a deep interior beauty, which produces the real elegance. So, Cultura Italiana offers Italian cooking course (www.bolognacucina.it)